Conversations with Strangers feat. James Ayotte
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this is one of those conversations that are hard to imagine people having who have never met each other before. i had one yesterday with someone that i have yet to release where we felt so much they same that she said on camera, i swear folks i am not a plant (meaning i think that the resonance between us was so strong it would seem impossible for us to connect so quickly, so deeply without some trickery of some sort.
but this is real.
and it happened again today in the conversation.
we are not only these bodies. there is an energy that radiates through us that can be felt thousands of miles away. and it can be felt without us even having to do anything. it is what allows me to come into this room and feel people so deeply and with James feel like he is a brother of mine even though i have never met him in this lifetime.
if this interests you, you will love this conversation. if this feels weird to you, i suggest you open your mind and heart and sit with us and expose yourself to something new. either way, please let me know what you feel about all this.
as always, sendining you all BIG, BIG LOVE. please have a listen . . .
we spoke about:
thought forms and the power of creation
how big our energy is
hiding in the closet
it is time to be seen
the power of seven over the power of one
how hard it is to d for ourselves what we do for others
the challenge of these next 3 months
feeling things before they happen
doing our work
understanding we are creating our own portable paradise or portable hell
inside out work
and so much more
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