Conversations with Strangers feat. Dana Pierce
Dana came to the conversation through another strange that i met in this zoom room, Dan Mangena. Dan was someone i had a great conversation with and he was someone who was open to completely shifting his perspective and as a result he invited a couple fo people to my room to have a conversation. Dana was one of them.
i instantly liked Dana. She is an attractive, intelligent person and you can see and feel from her face, this is a woman who is kind and loving. in speaking together, i found that she is a self love coach and you can clearly see she is doing the work and . . . .
you will want to hear this conversation.
i think it is fair to say, Dana had a big breakthrough in this room where we spoke together. here is what she wrote me after our conversation, “I want to thank you once again for our conversation and the work that you’re doing in the world. So much was gifted to me in our brief time together, and the timeline shifts that have already resulted have been both a blessings and a miracle.”
this is a conversation you will want to listen to. it is open and honest and real and raw. i hope you love it.
we speak about:
what happens when people feel loved and accepted
how Dana came here to be challenged
how important it is to be seen and heard
how much we share in common
on becoming 50
to sit with people and hold the space to be with them in unconditional love
how when the gift she gives others is given to her and how she feels it is a challenge to be on the other side of what she does. getting behind the story we hide behind and looking at it eyeball to eyeball
discovering the reason why she showed up today
the fear she feels and the desire to go back into the story to escape the fear
shame and will i be shamed by myself
going from the place where you are the one who gives the answers to being the one that is asked the questions
questioning the answers she gives and the stories she tells
what is the fear she thinks she will shame herself for
rejection and belonging and the tears in her eyes
why in the story of rejection does shame show up
the story of a 15 year old mother and the train of shame that connects the dots through the incidents of her life
what her shame protects her from seeing
trust and faith and how can i trust my faith when i have been hurt unraveling the feeling to arise from behind the story it hides behind
how hard it is to stay with the feeling of the shift rather than go back to safe story
doing the best that you can
what is the story life is telling you that you haven’t yet heard empathy and compassion
the story of elisa, listening and the escalation of her behaviours until she is heard and the whisper the things in her life are trying to say to her.
the shift, bam, and the realisation of how important it is for her to show up
the gift of shame
and a whole lot more . . .
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