Conversations with Strangers feat. CJ Lopez
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from the moment she entered the zoom room, i could feel her openness and friendliness. she was kind and communicative, and told me in the green room, nothing about this scares me and i am an open book, nothing is hidden. i knew we were going to have a great conversation.
imagine my surprise when a little later she told me that she has some issues with social anxiety when she is one on one with a person in real life. as if reading my mind, she answered the question that was coming to my lips saying, “over the computer i am fine, i don’t have that social anxiety but in person it is a different story.”
something else really surprised me CJ before she retired spent 20 years in the Air Force. honestly, i didn’t see that coming. and when i asked her, “what excites you?” she answered, “waking up each morning.”
there is so much in this conversation that i look forward to you hearing, but most of all, what i love is how 2 strangers, one a military person, the other a recovering hippie can sit together and feel so close to each other, not just in philosophy but in resonance.
you must hear this conversation and let me know what you think.
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