Conversations with Strangers feat. Laura Garner
the amazing thing that i see again and again as people come into this room is how each person elicits a different response just from their presence. the minute i saw Laura there was something about her that might have even surprised her, but there was a closeness i felt with her.
and as you watch this, i think you will see this gentle shift happen in the way the energy of being loved and accepted, listened to and heard and acknowledged and validated allows some of what protects us to fall away and to allow ourselves to be seen.
this is an amazingly deep conversation to be having with 2 people who don’t know each other.
listen in as we speak about:
how Laura is doing in a world where so many things are happening accepting what you can control in these times and being happy doing that
protecting yourself so you can care for others.
the great white knight no longer lives here
what we do when we can’t fix anything that is wrong or take away another person’s pain and the frustration in not being able to do it the need of the fixer vs what the person we are trying to fix needs my obsession with overhead projectors
a beautiful revelation of what the white knight really does
the beautiful realisations that come from the journey Laura has been on
“toxic positivity”
seeing good in the world, toxic positivity and the beauty of the experience of pain
the masks we wear in all the places we wear them
we see more of what we see. what do you focus on?
what is important to her and does she see a world that looks like what is important to her
when a crisis becomes prolonged, with no end in sight, hear what happens
backing up to protect ourselves vs. moving forward to embrace another
the bonds we have vs.the fears we have
fear, threat, and when a leader is closed to new ideas
pausing, slowing down moving out of our head and into our heart the honesty of the battle of the head and the heart
the power of one simple practice to bring you back to your body the practice of the five senses
what robs the presence of the heart and moves us to our head where does the criticality of the mind start
do you believe people listen?
is it that people don’t listen or don’t take action?
the pain that keeps us running on the treadmill
what she would tell a world that is listening
and a whole lot more
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