Conversations with Strangers feat. Cindy Coan
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a little bit about Cindy:
Nancy decided at some point in her life to leave everything behind and just set out on the road and travel around the world and she did this on her own. more and more she saw how shocked people were that she would do this on her own and she looked at this shock and saw an opportunity arise. she decided that she would create a business that would help woman especially have the courage to travel on their own and experience the courage it takes to do what we and others think we cannot do.
we spoke about:
traveling alone and the shock people felt to see her on her own
loving people
and loving space
introvert and extrovert
feeling different and fitting in
where we are at and are we having a good conversation
or are we speaking without listening
canceling friendship because of beliefs
what we do when we don’t feel heard? the story of my daughter elisa.
the importance of failure and why we are scared of stand an interesting conversation on failure.
the hurt that we cause other people and how that stays with us
hear my confession about a terrible mistake i made and our discussion around it.
what is integrity?
do thinks happen for a reason
and so much more
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