Conversations with Strangers feat. Karen DiMarco
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a little bit about karen: A nurse for 22 years with specialties in Intensive Care, Trauma, and Flight Nursing, Karen DiMarco (who is writing this in the 3rd person, which is weird, but apparently the standard for bios), had an experience in 2011 that she describes as “a coming home.” Within weeks of that profound moment – on the floor of a closet in a puddle of snot and tears – her mental and physical illnesses, and a 26-year history of eating disorders, melted away.
Since then, she has been a catalyst for transforming the way we deliver and conceive of health care and wellbeing. Put simply, the mind and body are not disconnected, and when misunderstandings of the mind are healed, there is a profound healing effect on the body.
from the moment she stepped into the zoom room, i loved her energy. it is high octane and contagious and we immediately felt close to one another and just started laughing
we spoke about:
why i am doing this
experimenting with the idea of doing micro-dosing psychodelics how easy it is to feel close to someone we don’t know
the gap
the importance of the question “how are you?”
in the fast lane following someone going 35 miles an hour
boo-hoo moments
the appearance of The Road Worker into our conversation
the creation of more words than anyone who has ever visited the zoom room
the first day of school, 3 kids, and the outfit that was never meant to be seen
changes in perspective
and so much more
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