Conversations with Strangers feat. Jessa Grace

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nothing about this conversation was normal. and i loved that about it. i have no idea how Jessa and i connected, i have no idea why her name just came across my mind, but i remember reaching out to her and inviting her to be on The Conversation. we set up a time and something came up on her end and we did not have our scheduled call. we texted each other and worked out a new time, but something about the messaging this time was different. i felt her a lot.

this happens to me enough that i no longer question it, but this time the energy was powerful. and . . . i felt something else, i felt that she needed energy and so i asked her if it would be ok if i sent her energy, she responded by saying thank you. and i consciously poured energy into her. the more i gave, the more she received. it was easy and effortless and it was so interesting to see someone who gives so much, being able to receive with so gusto. she felt it and i could feel she did because the area in her that was depleted was now strong again. we had never met, spoken, seen each other but already there was a deep connection. i felt her and she felt me. she was so kind to recommend to some of her friends to have a conversation with me and they signed up to do so. so although i knew nothing about her, i knew quite about about her. i felt her inside me, and i think she felt me inside her too.

i would love to hear what you feel listening to this conversation.

we spoke about:

the connection that we felt


being brave

being courageous

being resilient

the shift in her work

her ability to be there for people and for them to just receive from her the unlimited source of energy available

and a whole lot more

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And this is my signature ‘Initiation’ program that I am offering. I will be opening up an ‘incubator’ as well in the coming months. I’ll keep you posted on that! It was VERY powerful last year when I did it for everyone.

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