Conversations with Strangers feat. Lynn Bagdasian
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i feel so loved and supported by this woman and i have never seen her, spoken to her and corresponded with her. so how is that possible? let me explain. Lynn is friends with me on social media and she has always been so kind to me there. she likes so many of my posts. i have been touched to always see her support.
and so i reached out to her and said, i feel like i know you, but i don’t know you, would you like to come on my show Conversations with a Stranger, and meet each other there. she immediately agreed.
i came into the room so looking forward to finally meeting this person who was so generous and kind with her support and the moment i saw her, i could feel her excitement too at being here in this room with me, and you could feel we were both looking forward to getting to know each other.
we spoke about:
and forgiveness, OMG forgiveness was such a big part of her life
how she grew up and how hard certain things were
and forgiveness
about being hurt and still living people
and did i mention we spoke about forgiveness
but not in a way that the lesson was preached to us
but rather in the way that makes every single person want to forgive more
we spoke about where she get her positive attitude from
and the choices she makes to be the way she is.
and a whole lot more
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