Conversations with Strangers feat. Lena Nicholson
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there was a gentleness to this conversation. it felt like an easy conversation from the beginning. I am always intrigued by how easy it is for 2 people to come into a room, knowing nothing about each other and feel connected so quickly.
to be honest Lena is a very close friend of a woman i feel incredibly close to, but she is someone i have never seen, spoken to, but only texted with; so there was a connection.but it was all vibrational.
our conversation reflected that. Lena spoke of goddesses and spoke of experiences that might seem different to many, or not but i loved this opportunity for the listener to hear what they don’t normally hear and have the chance to see what they think and feel when someone says things we don’t understand.
i would love to hear what you feel listening to this conversation.
we spoke about:
business manager to shaman
like minded communities and unlike minded people
fitting in and feeling different
how everything is perfect just as it is
why people who feel different still want to fit in
giving and receiving
how hard it is for her to trust and what she does to trust more
her new youtube experience
and a whole lot more

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