Conversations with Strangers feat. Sheila Stone
Our hope is that The Mosaic will allow us to see differently and bring the world together by showing us that what we share is much more important than what separates us.
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i thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. soften people my age are old and crusty and set in their ways, Sheila Stone is none of these things. Her spirit is fresh and alive. she runs a travel business that has been halted by the corona virus but she is anding new way to enjoy life.
i found her to have a beautiful mind and she spoke very openly and honestly about how much harder it is for a woman to get older than it is for a man.
have a listen and enjoy, the beautiful young spirit of the lovely woman.
we talk about:
always being excited by change
doing new things and meeting new people
getting older
how hard it is for woman to live u to the expectation
outer beauty and inner beauty
i made a called out to all single men who are interested to contact Sheila
and a whole lot more
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