50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Sharfunnisa Aaminah

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i was running late for this call, on another conversation that was not yet read to end, and remember, i had been agitated all evening, and lost my list of questions that i use to make the shows have a common theme in the event that we do some sort of documentary on these. so i can’t say that i was the most peaceful i had ever been,

Aaminah was gracious and kind pardoning me without even a mention for my tardiness. and so i walked into this magic room and sat with her, wondering what might happen today.

here is what i have noticed in this room, when i hold the space for the people who come into the room to feel loved and accepted; listened to and heard; and acknowledged and validated, everything the person is not, falls away and who they are is all that remains.

this happened and it was so obvious, you could hear it in the tonality of Aaminah’s voice and see it in the softness of her face. it was beautiful.

but rather than me tell you about it, watch what happens for yourself. it is magic. and i experienced it too.

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