50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Alex Beekley

One of the most beautiful surprises in settng up conversations with people you don’e know, have never met before and know nothing about is that moment when they appear on zoom and you see them face to face. Alex Beekley was one of those surprises. first of all she was a she, not a he. somehow in hearing the name alex i just imagined i would be speaking with a guy; and secondly because of her youthful appearance, had no idea how old she was which was another pleasant surprise.

Confirming she was 18 years old, we started the conversation. for those of you who fear where the world is going, gain comfort that there are people like alex here to usher the world into the next generation. hear how she has advantaged her youth even in the midst of her own uncertainty; feel the drive that guides her and the curiosity that lives inside her. listen as she learns the things she doesn’t know and has started a business already and is working with people. this conversation was a treat.

i hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as i enjoyed participating in it. once again, a fabulous opportunity to get to know someone i might never meet and to walk away enriched by the conversation. look for me soon to be guest her podcast. i look forward to more conversations with alex for sure.

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