5o More Conversations with 50 More People with Gly Gabriel

https://youtu.be/MbRD0lOqHXc t

i have never met anyone before named Gly, so right off the bat, i liked this gly, er guy. he had light in his eyes and i loved hearing his story and what he had done, driven by a dad to do better than he had done, his life was a series of stepping up and crossing new barriers. listen in to hear his story and the ride his life has taken.

i am not sure why i challenged Gly more than i do most people who come into the room, but i did and the conversation really opened up. what i see time and time again is that when people are given the chance to be themselves, they no longer need to protect themselves by being something they are not. there was no  big obvious thing that changed, but rather something small. the shift was subtle but what happened was not subtle at all.  after the call Gly thanked me again for the opportunity to have this conversation. to learn more about Gly, please go to: www.instagram.com/glyvolner GlyGabriel.com

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