50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Vanessa Lin

As a person, sometimes you just blow it. i have to say, thank god i do not do this that often, but because of that, it is even more shocking when i do. let me explain . . .

i have had about 70 of these conversations, remember these are almost all entirely with strangers, and in all of these calls, it only happened twice that i did not published the conversations. two times is not a lot of times, it is a small amount considering what could have happened, but both of them happened the week before i emailed Vanessa about being in the show.

as you will see when you watch this conversation, vanessa is kind and considerate, gentle and refined; nothing like those other 2 people, but i guess i was a little gun shy and i wrote to her in length about not hard selling people something. i am embarrassed by the way i showed up and i apologised to her privately and publicly in this conversation. what i really want to say to you and what i want you to see is how kind and gracious she was through every step on my dysfunction. i admired that in her from the start.

THIS IS A CONVERSATION YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS. i could say a lot more, but it would never do the conversation we had justice. you are just going to have to listen to this one for yourself. you will not be sorry.

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