50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Marla Bollak

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Marla confessed to me in the green room, 10 minutes before she entered the room, she googled me. i don’t know why i did it too, i never google people before i speak to them the zoom room.

two words struck both of us: Pitzer College
we had both gone to Pitzer and though i went a few years before her, the Uber of people that even know of Pitzer is small. the total number of people in the school when i went was 700, it grew to 800 when she was going there. we spoke of teachers and projects and scholarships and being out there and being serious and majoring in economics which i didn’t even know you could do at Pitzer, to pottery, to psychology, to feeling like the decision to go there shaped both of our lives. she graduated/ i dropped out.

and that was just the start. hear us talk about trauma, tarot, experimental school, smoking pot with the policeman and so many more things. to try to explain the conversation would not be something that would do it justice, so please just click on the ink above and have a listen . . . .

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my challenge to all of you who listen: find someone you do not know and invite them to have a conversation.

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