50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Allen Taylor

and the hope that this book can help bring us together and show us
how much more we share in common than how far apart we are
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it is hard to see Allen without noticing the big smile on his face. his energy os welcoming and kind, but according to Allen, he was not always this way. In fact, he was quite the opposite. angry and rebellious, his life took and even deeper turn towards pain and despair. listening to his philosophy teacher in college, Allen had an experience that took him quite by surprise.

listen in to this conversation to hear the honesty and the change that happens when he allows himself to be more truthful, to share his vulnerability and to embrace the difficult path of questioning the things that don’t make sense while still bringing honor and respect to the religion and the god that showered grace upon him.

hear us speak about faith, the church, the questions, the grace, the love of christ, fear of going the wrong way, being lifted up from the pit of despair, following a church even when it seems to deviate a little from what christ taught and how he lived.

if you are a christian, you do not want to miss this conversation. but this conversation is not only for christians, it is for anyone who questions what they believe and doesn’t have the courage to admit it.

i could tell you all about it, but it wouldn’t do it justice. do yourself a favour and listen to the conversation!!!!!

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