50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Andrea Gibbs

something different happened from the moment we entered the room. the energy felt really charged and alive. we had never spoken to each other or seen each there but we were both affiliated with a group called Mindvalley and so there was already an unspoken closeness from that affiliation. normally i ask a series of questions, but after the first question i asked, the conversation took a turn of its own.

it was like 2 old friends sitting together meeting again for the first time. there was something real that melted through any walls that might’ve existed. suddenly we were together again for the first time in a virtual room. i don’t know if andrea felt these same things, and it almost doesn’t matter. for me, this conversation reaffirmed, we are not strangers, but friends that have been separated across the span of time and when we reconnect, we ignite the power of connection again.

i could tell you a lot more, but know this, no better yet, listen to it for yourself and let me know what you feel.

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