50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Susie Smith

in all transparency, Susie Smith is not a stranger even though i have never met her. she is a friend from facebook who was always very kind and supportive to me. as you may or may not know, i was planning on a trip around america and then the world; to sit with people no one sits with and listen to people no one listens to. when i shared that i was doing that on and asked if people would be willing to help me by housing me, feeding me, bringing together a group of people for a listening session, Susie volunteered to let me use her spare bedroom for a night or two at her place in florida. how kind that a stranger would open up her home to someone she had never met to help him on his journey.

then mr. covid came and travel for the time being was on hold. i wasn’t going anywhere, so i had to rethink the strategy. when i came up with 50 conversations with 50 strangers, susie said to me, i have been waiting to have this conversation with you, so let’s do it.

we had a great conversation around NY and Florida, divorce and widow(ers) groups, team dynamics, being there for her daughter and grand-daughter, a dream she hopes to create and a whole lot more. listen in to hear a conversation of 2 people who came in as strangers and left as friends.

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