50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Stephen McCamman

this was one of those conversations that was a pleasant surprise. i had no idea who this man was and when he came into the zoom room, he was smoking a cigarette and seemed a bit unsettled. he was moving around his trailer and we lost connection a couple of times and so i started to think, ok this one may not work out to well, but i was committed to get through my first impressions and have a conversation together with stephen.

and am i happy i did. he is brilliant, opinionated and i found out after i spoke to him that he went to the same college i went to, Pitzer College, a small very cool college that focused in the days on psychology, anthropology and the arts. we were not there during the same years, but the fact that we shared the same college was fascinating to me.

this is a conversation where stephen speaks his mind and if you find offence at anything he says, i would invite you to take a look at what it brings up in you. it took a while for us to get past the intellectual answers and get real, but we did, and this conversation is well worth hearing.

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