50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Pete Lonton

i could have asked him where he was from, i mean it would have made sense to do so, but somehow the delight and charm of his accent and the words he chose to say had a charm and flair to them that i didn’t want to ruin it by knowing exactly where it came from, because it didn’t matter. but i knew this, it was in the UK somewhere and i loved the idea that these conversations were spanning continents.

we had a very real and vulnerable conversation around watching life continue and making changes, the brand of Mighty Pete that got developed and pete allowed me to push him on his definitions so that i cold enter understand what he was saying. i wonder how much of what we disagree on comes down to semantics anyway.

this is a conversation i think you will enjoy not only because the information shared was extremely interesting but rather because of the way we got to a place of listening from very different directions. he invited me to be on his podcast too and gosh, i could tell you more, but it would rob you of the experience of just seeing for yourself what happened. all i can say after all of these conversations, this zoom room is a magical room where strangers become friends, start to work together and who knows what else will start to happen when we listen to each other and allow ourselves the chance to connect

you have to always like when after a show, the person you had the conversation sends you a message like this:

“Thank-you Danny for a great conversation and it was an honour to speak with yourself. You have reignited a Fire In My Belly about doing what I do, so thank you for listening and keep being you!”

the pleasure was mine pete.

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