50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with J. Winslow

in full transparency, J. Winslow is not a complete stranger. i met her over the phone somewhere around 3 years ago but as lives continue to grow, our interactions diid not grow. it wasn’t because we didn’t like each other or feel comfortable in each others presence, because we did; it was simply because we just didn’t. maybe it is as j. says in this conversation, that everything comes down to the choices we make and i guess neither one of us choose to pick up the phone and call the other. sound familiar to anyone?

j. in the few conversations we have shared together has always been incredibly kind to me, generous with her valuable time, insightful and in an almost awkward way, she has always had the ability to show me something from another perspective. when we got on this call, it was as if we had just spoken last week. she is that kind of person.

she is loving, familiar and swims in water deeper than many swim in. she loves the involvement with the communities she is a part of and the involvement she has in the lives of the people that hire her to work her magic on them and their companies.

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