50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Dr. Claudia Solorzano

this conversation almost didn’t happen. we set a time for 11am today and i showed up in the zoom room ready to see who was there, but . . . . no one was there. and so i waited, at 11:05 i send another reminder email, saying i am here awaiting you for our conversation and again crickets…. at 11:15 i wrote again, saying last chance, if i don’t see you in the next minute or so, i am going to leave. again no one showed.

you see you never know when you decide to have a conversation with a stranger how the conversation will go, or if they will even show up. i have been lucky up until now . . . my strangers have shown up and my conversations have been amazing. this was the first stranger to not show up and so when the minute came and went, i left and went about other business at hand.

one minute later, i see a note saying my guest had entered the zoom room and was waiting for me. i re-entered and again no one was there. i made up a bunch of stories, and then just wrote again saying once again i was in the zoom room. i then received an email from her apologising and we met in the zoom room. it was one of the best conversations i have had with a stranger in my zoom room. i guess you will just need to tune in to hear what we spoke about and what you think.

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