50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Dave White

What an absolute treat it was to meet Dave White. his think is positivity. and his practice is to find positive stories and post them on his facebook page and to also find songs (usually a little retro) that lift your spirit and make you feel good. what a beautiful surprise it was to meet him and to see how much we shared in common.

i love what he is doing and he loved what i am doing and it felt like we had known each other for years. his kick off spot in the morning for daily dose of positivity is https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/ I usually read/watch a story on this site and share on my personal facebook page. I highly recommend it.

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here is what he wrote me after our call: Danny, It was an extreme honor to get a chance to talk with you this morning. I love your message, keep up the great thing that you are doing my brother.

Here is a parting thought as we ran short and it helps give you a little more context on my journey. Recently, we went on vacation and with social distancing we had a fair amount of time in our rented condo and over the course of the week, I read and enjoyed an actual book. This is a stretch for me as I have normally taken in books in an audio format only in my adult years, normally during daily commutes. The book was left along with a small treasure trove of other books in the condo courtesy of the owners. The one that got my attention and has inspired my recognition of enjoying and being one with nature, is Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer.

In the not too distant future I am planning to do something I don’t do. I will take a tent and spend the night with nature and reflect on my thoughts away from society. My plan is finding a primitive camp site that you have to walk a bit to get to, not just drive up and setup camp. I want a little skin in the game to work through getting there. This will be personal experiment to see how I cope without creature comforts. I do plan to take water and food and I will take necessary items for survival and tools to capture my random thoughts and possibly an inspirational book like … The Mosaic. (how cool is that, he might even take my book on his camping trip to refocus his life. so cool!) ┬áThis is just an unplug and try to listen to what I feel and the earth has to say to me.

If I were to write a book in the not too distant future, my journey of daily postivity and this personal experiment would be about what you would read. Stay safe my friend. Much love, Dave

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