50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Danni DanDan Gadigan

as i have said before, when i come onto the zoom room for these conversations, i never quite know who i am going to meet, but in full transparency, i felt Danni before met her. there is an innocent excitement that lies in her, a genuine heart felt love that pours from her that could almost not contain itself in its desire for us to meet and have this conversation.

her heart is huge and i could feel it from the first moment we started corresponding, and i had to say to her i know way too much about you from what i feel already as i like to know nothing about a person before i meet them in the zoom room. but that was not the case with Danni, i felt her deeply and i could tell she felt me too. no words were expressed and when we entered the room togehter the energy was high. i am seeing more and more, this is what happens when 2 empaths meet.

Danni could hardly contain the tears that flowed from her and this release was so beautiful and i could feel there were more tears inside her that wanted to come out and so throughout the course of our conversation, several times her tears came; and yet it was not awkward or strange but actually quite calming and beautiful as if we were witnessing what was happening together.

for those of you who have trouble feeling, there are people like my wife Ana Levin (AnaLauraLevin.com) and Danni that feel so naturally that just by being in their presence we can’t help but feel more. i hope if you do not feel this world the way you want to, that you will contact Danni (or my wife Ana) to see how to open your heart and feel more. I know Ana does this work, i am not sure yet if Danni knows this is the work she can do.

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to see what i am talking about, you are going to have to listen to this conversation.

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