It always surprises me when I see how a person presents themselves, how they dress, the style of their clothes, the manner in which they move and then how they present their business. Their is often a big disconnect. We are holistic in all that we do and when one thing is out of sync, the whole picture is distorted I often ask when I brand a person or a company would you ever present your person the way you present your business. Many times the answer is no. A perfect case in point is East….

East presents herself as a gorgeous stylish woman. She is hip and very current with trends. She is a naturopath and works with people in new modalities. when she came to me, i did not feel like her product was a reflection of who she is. You decide for yourself, this is what it looked like.


It was cute but lacked the sophistication and refinement that she herself had and we think this is why sales into the spa industry were small. Here is what we have done so far:


This is the look and feel we felt she and her product deserved. We gave her a new logo, a new bottle and a new identity. The product is the same fabulous product it has always been, but it completely different.
Soon she will have a new website as well.

How would it feel to like the way you look and be proud to show who you are to others. This is what we do,at DBL. It is why we call what we do, A Branding Experience.