Paramhansa Yogananda

These 4 words will change your life.

Most people live from outside in; center nowhere, circumference everywhere.  They live on the rim of the wheel and get tossed and turned by everything that happens in their life. They are the people who walk into a room and become affected by the room.

But you are neither the rim of the wheel nor its spokes. Neither the things that happened to you, nor what you do. Neither your successes nor your failures. You are not better if people like you, nor worse if they don’t. When you live outside in, it is harder to know this.

But there is another type of person. They are the ones who walk into a room and effect the room.  When you meet them, they radiate a presence that is almost intoxicating. They live inside out. They are the game changers, the few that live center everywhere, circumference nowhere.

We are at a time now, when the few must become more visible and help the many. We are all being asked to step up.  The fact that you are reading this right now means, this is your moment. The world is calling you. Do not be afraid. We are here to help each other. If you need help, reach out to me. I will help you by holding the space for you to discover what it means to LIVE INSIDE OUT.

Waterside Press is proud to announce the publication of the ground breaking book THE MOSAIC. which focuses on what brings people together, not what divides us. Presented as a parable, THE MOSAIC follows the journey of Mo, a young man who loses both his parents two years apart on the same day and when he asks the adults where his parents went, he sets out to find the place called heaven.

THE MOSAIC is a magical book that shows that everyone is part of a coherent world, a mosaic of human beings in which each human being has a vital role. In the tradition of the Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecy, THE MOSAIC presents a new way of seeing the world which invites the reader to see what they do not see.









We live in the most connected time the world has ever know, but so many of us feel disconnected. We are a divided nation and world. We fight each other from our silo’s taking sides one against the other over skin color, sex equality, environment, borders, religion, and politics. We shout over each other, rather than listening to what each other is trying to say.

Tim Sloan, CEO of Wells Fargo said he feels the lack of Social Cohesion is one of the biggest problem our world faces today.  “I think the biggest challenge we have in our country is the inability of folks to listen to another’s opinion.  These are basic lessons our parents all taught us.  We don’t always have to agree.  But to be successful, we have to learn to work together.”  

Somewhere along the line, things stopped working. This is no longer the world any of us want our children to inherit. The old paradigm is not working. 

Buckminster Fuller said, “You cannot solve the problems of the old paradigm with old paradigm thinking. You must create a new paradigm that makes the old paradigm obsolete.”

The new paradigm is not authoritarian but connected.  Each piece is an integral part of the whole, each voice essential in creating a CONNECTED LIFE. It is time for us to UNZIP THE SKY, come together and listen to each other. The congregation of like and unlike minds will illuminate us to new ways of seeing and perhaps in this way, we will find answers that individually we could never know.   

The currency of this new paradigm is connection.

Most of us surround ourselves with people who think like us. For many of us living in like minded communities is not only a dream we believe in but something we desperately seek.  We got used to being lone wolves howling on the mountain top, but soon we realised our voices individually could not be heard, we thought they could be stronger and heard by more people if we were to create like minded communities. And so we did and we became stronger.  

But by connecting to like minded people, our thinking became silo’ed and over time we disconnected from those who don’t think like us. In shouting out what we believe, we stopped listening to what others believe, and the gap between our silos got wider and wider. 

The Mosaic Process disrupts those silos by helping us see the walls that protect us, separate us from each other.  The Process encourages us to connect not only with like minds but with unlike minds and invites us to see what we are looking at, differently.




This simple Mosaic Method is surprisingly not so simple. It has become increasingly harder and harder for people to listen with an open mind. To hear what a person is saying rather than thinking about what they are going to argue back while the other person is still talking. When people do not feel heard, they get angry, and our inability to effective listen causes problems for people both in the speaking part of the equation and the listening side as well. The Mosaic Method is just good old common sense, but somehow we have forgotten our common sense principles.

We have also developed a process, called The Mosaic Process that uses the method above as a tool to gather information from groups of people to helps them discover answers to the questions that trouble their business, their families or society as a whole. We beleive that when people come to their own solutions, the results are more powerful and more long lasting.

It is time for a change. The time for the Old Paradigm of vertical thinking where there are teachers and students; leaders and followers those who know and those who do not know, is ending. There is a New Paradigm emerging, one that is much more Mosaic like, where every voice, and every piece in the mosaic is needed to create it own artistry.

The New Paradigm uses the modalities of HiveThinking, Swarm Intelligence, Connected Intelligence to bring people together so that they can find solutions to problems they could never know how to solve individually.


There are moments in time, magical moments when seemingly out of the blue, the sky opens
and we see something different, a new reality, a world that we never saw before, where we are given an opportunity to initiate a new way of thinking.

These moments are rare, they do not happen all the time or maybe they do and we just don’t notice them. Either way, when they come, the world changes, these are the moments we call innovation, revelation, elevation and pure magic.



By asking questions, and listening to your answers, I connect to you.
I learn who you are, how you think,
what you want and what prevents you from having the results you seek.

Through intuition, discussion and assessments,
I go deeper within you
to find your purpose and see what is blocking you from reaching it.
Understanding your why allows me to understand your purpose
but finding your WHO allows us to create strategies together
and techniques to connect you to who you are and where you want to go.

When we are able to connect to self, source, purpose and others,
we see a life we never saw before and a happiness we have never known.
Connected we are happy.
Disconnected we suffer.
Live Happy. Live Connected. Live Mosaic.





Unfortunately, the life most of us are living it is not working.  Certainly a few would argue that. Those at the top of the food chain would fight and say, it seems to be working pretty well for me, and i guess on some level, they might be right.  But I am not talking here about financial wellbeing. I am talking about how connected we feel to the life we are living.  We live in the most connected time the wold has ever known and yet so many of us feel disconnected. Something is not working.

Through out time, there have always been small groups of people who have come together and questioned the status quo. They are the innovators, the disruptors, the rebel rousers, the ones who see a different world and are crazy enough to believe they can influence the world they see. And they do.

The Mosaic stands at the crossroads of a new generation of connective innovators, of people who are at the forefront in the research of MindHive Mentality, cross functional connectivity of Artificial Intelligence, Alien Intelligence and Human Intelligence. Space Travel will disrupt our belief that Earth is the only planet where life exist, we will conquer gravity, and the intersection of science and spirituality will show conclusively that we are all connected.


We live in the most exciting time, the world has ever known. We are more connected than we have ever been and the ratio of exponential change is happening faster than it has ever happened.

Most of what we currently know will become obsolete within the next 20-30 years. We will become multi-planetary beings and the time it takes to travel on this planet will so greatly diminish that people will start to commute across the planet for work. The products and services we have become so familiar with will vanish, along with the jobs that have made those products and services, along with people’s identity of who they are. It will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing and Augmented Reality. Information will travel faster as will people as we disrupt the laws of gravity and find new sustainable sources of energy. Those who master the art of connectivity will be the new caretakers of prosperity.

Those who are able to predict and answer the needs created by the exponential growth of technology and are able to translate and redefine human purpose to give significance again to the common people, will be the ones that hold the key to future prosperity and growth of our economy.

This simple story of The Mosaic is a portal for the masses to experience a new paradigm that opens the moment they realize that what they see is not what is, but only what they see. What then becomes possible?


The 9 MindHacks of The Mosaic:

1: innovation happens when you see what can’t be seen.

2: separateness is an illusion. everything is connected.

3: create like and unlike minded communities.

4: past, present and future are all connected. change one and all change

5: connection furthers happiness. disconnection furthers suffering

6: The new practice is listening.

7: ordinary is the new extraordinary

8: emptiness is the new opportunity.

9: the currency of the new paradigm is connectivity.


To get more information on investing in the Mosaic, how to get involved and All Things Mosaic, please email me @ zenseidanny@me.com




Are you prepared for a future that is accelerating toward you at a pace quicker than you can imagine? Will you and your company be one of the early adapters who capitalize on the rapidly changing landscape and monetize it or will you become one of the “phone booth culture” who is unexpectedly caught in the devastation of what currently is and become extinct or left behind?

We are living in one of the most exciting times in the history of humankind, changes in technology are happening at exponential proportions. Innovation is no longer a sound bite in a companies branding statement, but an essential tool for adapting to a new paradigm. Many of todays top companies will be gone tomorrow. The competition in this new paradigm is not another Fortune 500 company, but two kids in a garage disrupting the functionality of status quo.

Levin’s message is that as the world moves more and more into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and 3D Printing, our focus needs to shift from the making of products and the delivery of services to the Human Intelligence of Connectivity.

Honest, innovative, and insightful, Levin will disrupt the way you see the world and invite you to participate in the creation of your future. Innovations in hi tech will solve many of the problems that exist today and create many other problems. Where will your company be positioned in this new economy? Will you be one of the companies leading the way? Or will you be left behind?

Levin believes the currency of the future will be connectivity and his talks highlight that the way we prepare for the coming changes will either lead us to become the innovators of the future or the dinosaurs of the past. His talks are not doom and gloom but visionary and magical and he promises to electrify any conference that hires him.

Everything is happening in real time right before our eyes, the question is, what will we do with the information; thrive or become extinct?

. . . Daniel Levin captures the essence of the human condition in a way that will entertain, enlighten and touch the hearts of all who hear him.”
-Rev. Dr. Iyanla Van Zant, Author
Host of “Iynla Fix My Life” (OWN)


Daniel Levin has lived 1000 different lifetimes in this lifetime. He left a business that was a household name to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. He studied in a seminary in Jerusalem, Israel to become a Rabbi, only to leave one day before he was to be ordained. He ran an assortment of businesses, a restaurant and book store, a market, a meditation retreat center, and publishing company, and he was the director of business development at Hay House leading the company from $3 million a year in sales to $100 million in sales 10 years later. He owned a clothing company, a branding business and a coaching practice and was a monk for 10 years in a yoga order in Northern California. And now he is an author, traveling speaking and promoting his book, The Mosaic.

Levin is a rare blend of mystic and business guy and as such has foreseen trends that have brought the companies he has worked with amazing success.

He is the author of four books, his latest, The Mosaic, being the one he is most excited about. He believes it is a starting point for a series of conversations, a disruption of old ways of seeing and a collection of mindhacks that will usher in a new paradigm.


1. The Mosaic of High Touch and High-Tech  
2. Innovation = That Moment When We See What We Cannot See
3. The new conversation  is L I S T E N I N G !
4. The Mosaic Method – Reconnecting a Disconnected World






FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: zenseidanny@me.com


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redearthThe ‘Ohana of Red Earth


This is the beginning of a new time, a new paradigm shift and it is real.
The time for doing things on our own is over,
the time for like minded communities is done.
it is time for us to come out of our silo’s
and enter into the big open field where everyone is invited
where like and unlike minds come together,
where the innovation to find solutions
to problems we do not even see yet is already happening.
There is a saying that they say comes from an African Proverb
“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
Going alone will no longer be an option
the solutions will only come when we come together just like in the picture above.
No one could have done what they did on their own.



Daniel Bruce Levin

Levin walked away from an opportunity to run a business,
that was a household name in America to find happiness and inner peace. His life has been a combination of massive victories and incredible defeats.

One day away from being ordained a Rabbi in Jerusalem, Israel,
Levin left and went to live for 10 years as a monk in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He practiced and taught meditation and yoga for over a decade. He has run a restaurant, a publishing house, a market, a meditation retreat, has owned and run a clothing company, a branding company and a coaching business. He became the Director of Business Development at Hay House and helped grow it from $3,000,000 to $100,000,000 over a 10 year time span.

He had thought he live life purposefully, but it wasn’t until he wrote THE MOSAIC that his purpose found him

He is married to the woman of his dreams who teaches him what it means to love and be loved. He is the father of a beautiful special needs daughter who teaches him to love unconditionally, the step father of a handsome and fun loving teenage boy who teaches him how to overcome fear, a brilliant and beautiful teenage step- daughter who helps him hold the space of how a good man shows up;
and #hashtag, their adorable and trouble making golden retriever who reminds him that life is all about play.

They live by the ocean feeling very blessed, loving others and helping people get what they want.





It isn’t the words you say that inspires people, it is who you are.



LEADERSHIP AND TEAM BUILDING - Permanent Secretary & Cabinet for The Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Mining - JAMAICA

Business Development

Branding; Consulting

Branding, Motivational Team building

Keynote talk – Executive Team, Executive Coaching


Keynote Presentation

Team Building

Consulting; Business Development: Team Building

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Branding; Marketing; Strategy

Consulting; Business Development: Branding Strategy

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Think Tank

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Owner- Branding, Business Development


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IGNITE Guest Workshop


Branding, Business Development



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    Iyanla VanZant
  • caroline myss mosaic endorsement

  • Danny is a one of kind visionary and will help bring your brand to a whole new level. He has helped develop several very successful brands for us here at Hay House.


    Reid Tracy
    CEO - Hay House
  • Danny Levin authored The ‘Ohana of Red Earth, our resort’s story. He immediately grasped what we wanted to accomplish with authoring a book that would ultimately be a training tool for on boarding staff, and a story for our guests to appreciate. Working with him throughout the writing and editing process was not only a pleasure, but an amazing journey of discovery. Danny has opened the door for us to become a culture of caring individuals, to each other, and ultimately the guests that we will serve. Danny has also completed the process by leading motivational seminars of our group to further enhance our resorts culture.
    We would be hard pressed to find another individual who has Danny’s passion and intuitive nature. We are truly very fortunate to have discovered him.


    Michael Stephens
    General Manager - Andaz Maui at Wailea
  • Listening to Danny is like going to church. In many ways, he is a SHAMAN, knowing how to listen and articulate the thoughts of his clients in a much more meaningful way than they can objectively do themselves. I joke with Danny that there is a power to “Shaman Levin’s” Sermons, which are ultimately the output of  how he helps to bring your brand to life – in more positive ways than you could have imagined. He is a true “intuitive” and an absolute pleasure to work with, particularly for those companies and brands wishing to balance both head and heart.


    Mia Kyricos
    President - Kyricos & Associates
  • Danny Levin is a synchronistic master. When you need him, he will appear. His wisdom and kindness is ever present . His toolbox is filled to the brim. Are you looking for a guide? Are you looking for a mirror? Does just reaching out to him feel right? What are you waiting for?


    Carri Levy
    Senior Associate Producer - The Balancing Act TV, LLC
  • I am so grateful to you!  I feel completely different from when we started.  I feel more confident in my work. . . . . I feel more comfortable in my own skin.


    Julie Pankey
    Managing Partner - JMPankey
  • Danny is a unique and unusual individual. He has the sensitivity, depth of understanding and compassion rarely found in people. He has the ability to help identify feelings that result in unnecessary pain for many of us and is successful in their resolution.


    Donald Sabin
    Retired Executive
  • A big thank you to Danny Levin!  You are truly a soulful, gifted and amazing thought, and branding, coach. You have a special ability for capturing my inner essence and incorporating it into my branding and marketing.  You really see me and my potential.  With your help my repackaging has taken my product to a whole new level….I appreciate who you are and look forward to big things in the future!


    East Haradin
    CEO - Gem Elixirz ™


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