Daniel Bruce Levin

Fast Facts

If you would spend 10 minutes with someone you do not know and let them tell you how they are, their life would change. if all of us did that, the world would change.

10 Years A Monk

I left one day before being ordained a Rabbi in Jerusalem, Israel and then lived 10 years as a Monk in a monastery in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I will help you know yourself.

Corporate Head

I was the Director of Business Development at Hay House and played a big part in helping it grow from $3,000,000 to $100,000,000 over the next 10 years. I can help you grow your business.

5D Personality

I am a rare blend of mystic and business guy whose ability to see the world differently has drawn people, companies, and governments to invite me to work with them to jump-start innovation. I will show you how to see differently.

Respected Author

I am a story teller. Our words create our stories; our stories create our life. Change the words and the whole story changes. Change your story, and your whole life changes. I can help you wordsmith your words, rewrite your stories and change your reality.

Mosaic Archetype Work

WORK WITH ME.  The Mosaic Archetype Work opens you. In the 1 on 1 work we do together, you will connect to some of The 55 Archetypes of The Mosaic. You will start to see life differently. The stories you have lived by will change. It happens subtly; it isn’t only in the stories you hear of The Archetypes, or in the conversations you and I will  have, but in the spaces between those stories and conversations.

Somewhere in the process. you feel the simplicity of the Archetypes. You feel the power and exquisite beauty of the ordinary as it gives you permission to just be yourself.

This is for you if: you life or business is stuck in the same routine and you are ready to innovate by seeing new possibilities, new answers and new perspectives; you are tired of doing the same old things and getting the same old answers; believe that you are only seeing a small part of what is in front of you and believe you can look at what you have always looked at and see something completely different; you know that every voice is important and want to listen to more voices before making decisions. and much more.

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I am a Mirror Maker.

In my work with people, I always look forward to the moment when The Mirror Maker comes. It is a moment of complete transparency, vulnerability, and self acceptance. It is that moment when you let go of everything you are not and see perhaps for the first time the exquisiteness of who you really are.

The Mirror Maker only comes to those who can already see things others can not see. Her job is to help you now see only what is. The mirror she holds up to you, invites you to see yourself without all of your stories, and all your limiting beliefs. She wants you to see who you really are.

The Mirror Maker is one of 55 archetypes we work with in The Mosaic Archetype Work. Click here if you are ready to see.

I am a Trashman.

One of the Archetypes that comes most often to me in the work I do with people is The Trashman. Think about it, in “real life”, The Trashman comes every week to take away the physical things you no longer need. Yet, most of the trash we carry is not physical. It is thoughts we think that pollute our minds, the limiting beliefs we hold that makes us think we cannot do what we want to do, the words we say that keep us small, and the stories we make up that are even true.

I am your Trashman. My trash can is the space I hold for you. That space allows you to empty all that troubles you; all the wrongs and misunderstanding that have been done to you; all the things that tear you from your inner peace. I invite you to empty all of those things into the space I hold for you. And when you give all of that into the space I hold for you, in that moment, I want you to feel how good it feels to be free of it. To be who you are without all of your garbage.

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I am a Magician

What is, is. But The Magician comes to show you that what is, is not all that is. You have become too serious. You are working too hard in all things. You have become limited because you have started to believe only in what you see. What has happened to your magic? Have you forgotten about miracles?

The Magician comes to you when you have lost hope. When your limiting beliefs have buried you in all you think you can’t do. But so much more is possible than what you think. There is magic in the unseen.

This is the work of the Magician. He is the archetype that comes when it is time for you to experience a miracle. If you are ready to allow the possibility of a miracle in your life, please contact me.


When I speak, I am a voice for the voiceless. The stories I tell are the stories of people who feel they are not important. The ones no one listens to, but their stories are exquisite.

They are the stories of the “ordinaries”, the people that sit next to you at work, they watch their kids play in the playground and shop in the same supermarkets. They are the ones who do not feel good enough to be heard, and they span all careers, from the homeless to the CEO.

My “talks” are invitations to listen to each other, to hear the wisdom of the room,  to come together to find new solutions, create new opportunities and to build connection.

We are better together.

If you are interested in having me “Speak” at your business or your event, contact me to begin a conversation.

“You live what you speak. You are the most amazing presenter I have seen. From the program you gave, I now see such a change in how we interrelate in our organization. Immeasurable transformation. We are committed to keeping this going. From our hearts, thank you.”

Hillary Alexander – P.S. Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Mining – Jamaica