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in these one minute moments, i share with you my reflections, raw and unedited.  often, i  still need a shave and a brush of my hair.  i record purposely from a place of vulnerability.  the whole idea is to share not my perfection, but my imperfection.  it is my hope that in seeing me, you will say to yourself, i can do that too.  so often we wait to do something until the moment is perfect.  i have found perfect moments, they do exist.  but, to my joy, these perfect moments are only the present moment in which we live.

i encourage you today to do something imperfectly and share it with the world.  love imperfectly, work imperfectly, take risks and feel beautiful in your vulnerability.  and maybe, just maybe, you will  inspire another to be themselves, authentic and real, and beautifully imperfect.  we are amazing jus the way we are.  in fact, we are perfect!

here is the link to my one minute moments on you’ve.  enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂


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I know what to do. I have read all the right books, gone to all the right workshops and done all the work on myself that I can do.  Paramhansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) said, “Environment is stronger than will.”  Very simply stated, we become like the people we are around. Ever notice that?  I sure have.

I know what I need to do to feel good, yet for some reason, I just don’t do it.  I get caught up in the day to day of life and forget.  I need reminders.

Looking back on my life at the times that i have been most successful, I realize, I had accountability partners.  I remember years ago, when i was in the monastery, I made a pact with a brother monk.  At 4am, every morning, one of us would be standing at the others door, knocking.  It became our way to wake up to meditate.  Many were the days, that were cold, rainy, snowy when I thought to just turn over and go back to sleep.  But I knew he was counting on me to wake him up or be there when he knocked.  In every single case, I woke up because of the commitment I made to him.  Without him, for sure, I would have turned over in my bed and gone back to sleep.  But, we held each other accountable.  And every day for two years, we meditated together at 4am.

When I started working out, I used the same strategy.  I would wake up and meditate with a friend for an hour and then drive to get a coffee and go to the gym.  We would work out for an hour or more and be home in time to shower and start our day.  I was in the best shape of my life going to the gym in the morning before work and running in the afternoon afterwards.  I felt great and I noticed a huge change in my body and my mind.

Then somewhere along the way, life crumbled. My struggles got the best of me and the routine that had made me strong, disappeared.  I stopped working out, my body got sore, I gained a lot of weight and even more excuses as to why I could not start up again.  I lost my accountability partner and I lost my way.  I thought the habits were so entrenched in me, but in a matter of a few weeks, a new habit pattern took over.  I had reasons, valid reasons why I could no longer do what I had done.  I lost my community.The power of my mind is so strong.  It gets me to believe things that are simply not true.  With no one to bounce my beliefs off on, i just reinforce the beliefs i have over and over again with actions.  This is crazy.  It is not leading me to where I want to go.

I realize now, this is the power of another.  The power of group.  The power of community.  Having someone else there to hold me accountable, makes me do things I tell myself I cannot do.  This is why, I am so focused now on creating group.  It is not that I don’t know what to do, it is just that I need accountability.  Group holds me accountable.  It is why we are creating a group in Encinitas to help each other take the next step in our lives.

I have found a calling.  It is a mission of mine, to help create community.   It is the way of change.  When small groups of people come together to support each other in what they believe, and help each other achieve it, miracles happen.   Be it in the creation of a strong culture in the business place or in the strengthening of each individual by becoming a part of a group that helps them live the life they desire, community is powerful.  Together, we become stronger than we are alone.  Think of it, how strong is a table standing on one leg?  How strong is that table now standing on 10 legs?

It is something that I/we desparately need:  COMMUNITY.  One of Yogananda’s reasons for coming to America was to create World Brotherhood Colonies.  Places where people would come together to help and support each other to live full out.  How have I forgotten this so completely?  Whether through fear or self doubt or whatever, i have believed that I could do life on my own, and that i thought it was working. It is not working.

Having an accountability partner is what has always worked for me.  Community is what has worked for me.  That is why, I want to build community now and help facilitate others who feel the same way, to build strong communities to help them grow.  Community builds power.  It makes all  of us stronger.

Will you join in this mission?  start by finding one other person who believes like you and help each other achieve your dreams.  Let’s stay connected.  I will let you know how my community grows.  Please let me know about yours . . .







$275 per person, per month

No matter how good our life is, we all feel an area of our life is not working.  That area is causing us pain.  This group will look openly and honestly at every aspect of your life. We will explore intimacy, sexuality, finances, health, friendships, work, family and spirituality and we will help each other heal.  We have all tried to change on our own, and yet here we are, facing the same situations once again. Are you ready to experience the transformation you want in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.   If you are tired of being stuck and are willing to TAKE THE NEXT STEP FORWARD, call or email us today.  Space is limited to the first 10 people.


ANA ZAFFIRO has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has been coaching
using the strategic intervention techniques made famous by Tony Robbins for years.

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When the culture of a company is good, trust exists, people take risks and support each other when they fall. When the risks work, exceptional things happen and companies stand out amongst their peers.

In cultures that do not function well, tension exists, happiness does not, and people are scared to take chances. They exists at mediocre; employees live at normal (doing only what needs to be done, and rarely anything more.) They dislike coming to work, do not feel appreciated aand feel they are doing their job when they maintain the status quo.

In most cases where companies do not function well, they have  lost connection with their core values. Ask questions to find out why. Believe it or not, sometimes they just get caught up in their day to day situations, running so fast to keep up with things, they simply forget to live what they believe. These situations are relatively easy to fix. If you can help them slow down and remind them of what they believe, you will be able to help initiate ways to bring them bring those values back to their day to day operations.

If the core values no longer capture their essence of the company (i.e. Quality which used to be central to their belief system has now been replaced by a need for speed.  The company now believes it has to be the innovator and they are willing to sacrifice some quality to be the first in the field to market it), you must create a new set of core values that represent what they believe now.

When a company and it’s employees try to live by conflicting values, it is like the story they tell of a bus which gets stuck in a pothole.  The driver asks the passengers to get off the bus and push and is confused when after 5 minutes, there is no movement.  He gets off the bus to see why and is amazed to discover 1/2 of the people went to the front and were pushing backwards, while the other 1/2 went to the back and were pushing forwards.  The story is comical; but companies do this all the time.  1/2 of their energy goes in one direction while the other 1/2 goes in the other.    

You must not be afraid to take a stand, to make tough decisions that need to be made.  When a company and its employees share the same beliefs, there is no resistance. It is hard to change, but it is impossible to remain the same.



Are you like me, do you tend to see life in broad strokes? Do you think what is happening in your life now, will always be? I have seen, in my few years of life, that the only constant in life is change. I know this. I know in my mind, what is now, will NOT be what is tomorrow. But knowing it in my head and living it in my day to day life is different. This “head-ucation” all sounds good, but until it is constantly applied, means nothing.

King Soloman used to wear a ring on his finger. It had 3 hebrew letters on it, that meant, “This too will pass.” He looked at it when situations in his life were good or bad, to remind him that life is ephemeral. Life changes.

The way we look at these changes in our life, colors everything? For instance, are you facing something right now in your life? Does it represent for you, a sunrise or a sunset? Do you see it as a beginning to a whole new life or is it an end to something you do not want to end, that makes you suffer? Does it inspire you or tire you? Whatever you are facing in this moment, good or bad, remember it will pass.

Tony Robbins has a great saying, “What if life was happening FOR you, rather than TO you?” I love this. One word changes the whole meaning. How could this simple change of thought change the way you see your life. When I remember that life is happening FOR me, it helps me. I look for the gift it is giving rather than feeling that I am a victim.

May our sunsets, be sunrises and may the clouds that hide the sun part, so that we can shine in the light.